Bald Faced Hornet


Bald faced hornets generally build globular nests in trees, shrubs, under decks or on the exterior of buildings. These insects are approximately 1″ in length, black in color with vivid white markings on the face and abdomen. They can be very aggressive and, like the yellowjacket, will attack in numbers when threatened directly or when discerning vibration or movement from as far as 50 feet. It is strongly advised that these colonies be tackled and removed by professionals.  Bee Control is available to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hornet elimination and extermination

On average, colonies number 300 – 500 insects.  Just like yellowjackets and wasps, the hornet nest is constructed from carton (heavy duty paper mache) derived from chewed slivers of wood or woodpulp.

For more information about bald faced hornets, refer to Iowa State University: Bald Faced Hornets (this information is also relevant to Pennsylvania).

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