Cicada Killer


Cicada killers are a larger black or rusty brown wasp (1 to 1 1/2 inches long) with yellow bands that gets its name from the fact that it hunts cicadas as food for its young.  Cicada killers are referred to as solitary wasps because, unlike yellowjackets, hornets, and bees, they do not live in colonies or nests.  However, in suitable environments, many individuals may congregate using the same general area, each female digging a burrow which may extend up to a foot deep.  They become a nuisance pest when a number of them select areas in proximity to buildings.  It is usually fairly easy to locate burrows as during construction the female excavates a visible pile of soil adjacent to the 1/2 inch opening. Male cicada killers are incapable of stinging but like carpenter bees will ‘divebomb’ people and pets if in the vicinity of the burrows. Although the female can deliver a very painful sting, in general they will not do so unless handled or stepped on.

Helping to control cicada population

Appearing in July or August, the cicada killer is a beneficial insect helping to control the cicada populations.  However, in some circumstances they must be controlled and Bee Control Pittsburgh employs effective methods to get rid of cicada killers.  Beyond extermination, it is subsequently advisable for the property owner to eliminate bare ground areas in particular as a long-term solution to discourage future cicada killer activity.

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