Paper Wasp


Paper wasps, the long skinny wasps that build upside down umbrella nests, are the plague of decks, gazebos, and play areas. Wasps will nest in virtually any spot that will offer protection including grills, lights, swing sets, mailboxes, under decks and railings, eaves, peaks, overhangs, or attics.

Paper Wasp Extermination

A very distinctive feature is the wasp’s very obvious long legs which hang down when the wasp is in flight.  Though they number far fewer per nest than yellowjackets or hornets, it is not uncommon to find upwards of a dozen nests on one property. Paper wasps are prone to stinging when an individual is in the vicinity of their nest. Their nests are built from wood pulp and paper materials and the building process continues through the early and mid summer months. Once a queen or worker has found a reliable source of building material, it will return to it repeatedly, grasping the fibers and peeling off thin strips.  Wooden doors, porches, siding and even mulch are also suitable sources.

Although individual nests can be removed, if a property is prone to annual wasp problems, it is advisable to consider the Full House Prevention Service.

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