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STINK VERSUS STING!! Pittsburgh’s leading stinging insect control company handled numerous cries for help from homeowners to tackle the invasion of stink bugs during the fall months…….and they don’t sting!!!

Invasion starts in September and runs until October

However, stink bugs have very quickly made their presence felt as a major aggravation to many property owners due to their determination to use properties for hibernation. This ‘invasion’ starts in September, continuing well into October, and they can appear on a single building in the hundreds. Their presence in the Eastern part of the USA has escalated dramatically since their accidental introduction from Asia in the 1990’s. They have been reported in at least 26 states and more recently in Iowa and California. They are now becoming a major concern in many states as a pest of agriculture and horticulture. Why? This insect, in all stages of development, causes damage to a wide range of vegetable and fruit crops during the spring and summer. In 2010, major losses of apple and peach crops were reported in Pennsylvania. Additionally, they have been found feeding on a wide variety of plant materials beyond fruit and vegetables, including chrysanthemums, sunflowers, maple, lilac, dogwood and honeysuckle, to name only a few.

Best thing to do is prevent stink bugs from getting in

When dealing with stink bug invasions of buildings it is very important to do everything possible to ‘head them off at the pass‘. Ideally, every attempt should be made to seal all exterior cracks, seams, broken vents etc. that allow stink bugs access to internal wall, ceiling and attic cavities. Faulty screens should also be repaired or replaced. Achieving complete exclusion on any building can prove extremely challenging, if not virtually impossible. Exterior insecticide applications administered by properly licensed pest control professionals can prove helpful in reducing the numbers of stink bugs that gain entry to a building. The timing of such applications is important and should be discussed with the service personnel as should the level of success to be expected.

Locating Interior Points of Entry

Unfortunately, once the stink bugs have become established inside the fabric of a building, their occasional appearance in the ‘living quarters’ through the winter months can be an ongoing aggravation. When this occurs, it is best to locate the interior points of entry which can include cracks around window frames, baseboards etc., light fixtures, vents and exhaust fans. These openings should be sealed with suitable caulking, masking tape or similar materials. To remove live or dead stink bugs it is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner, preferably one with disposable bags as otherwise the vacuum will ‘acquire a noticeable odor’!! One important thing to bear in mind is that while in the fabric of a structure the stink bugs do not reproduce or cause damage.Though of little consolation to those people suffering during the winter months, it should be noted that come spring the surviving adults will make every effort to exit the building. Finally, and unfortunately on the downside, it appears that some buildings in a given neighborhood prove more vulnerable to stink bug invasions than others in fairly close proximity and therefore may experience repeat ‘arrivals’ each year.

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