Carpenter Bee


Carpenter bees (wood boring bees) are the culprits that drill into softwood timber such as cedar, causing unsightly holes (perfectly round and 3/8 of an inch in diameter) leading to egg chambers which can extend for as much as four feet. Timber inhabited by these bees can deteriorate over time. Secondary damage occurs courtesy of wood peckers, mold, and fungi. These insects are territorial and the male in particular will ‘dive bomb’ when it feels the nest is threatened. It does not have the ability to sting, though the female does. The carpenter bee confines its boring to external timber, so there is no concern that internal damage will occur.

Both sexes are approximately 1″ in length and are similar in appearance to bumble bees. However, the abdomen does not have the fuzzy yellow hair evident in the bumble bee. The carpenter bee (wood boring bee) is referred to as solitary, but if a building offers suitable timber, it can attract several individuals each with its own nesting tunnel. Allowed to go from year to year, the number of carpenter bees can become substantial. Bee Control Pittsburgh has dealt with properties hosting over 100 carpenter bees drilling simultaneously.

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