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Toll Free: 866-466-2899
Pittsburgh: 412-765-0335
North: 724-772-9099
South: 412-344-1324
East: 412-856-0559
West: 412-262-5335

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Bee Control is proud to offer a Certified Master Beekeeper on staff who specializes in the live removal and relocation of honey bee colonies from structures.  With the decline in honey bee population in recent years the preservation of this beneficial insect is the top priority for Bee Control Pittsburgh and their staff.  Contact us today to have a free inspection of your honey bee situation so we can assist you in protecting these great pollinators.
We are available at all times to respond to situations involving stinging insect problems.Our involvement ranges from fully comprehensive prevention applications to emergency response.

Serving All of Greater Pittsburgh and Surrounding Counties

Bee Control serves Southwestern Pennsylvania. Our approximate range is within a 35 mile radius of downtown Pittsburgh.  We service clients in Allegheny County and parts of Butler County, Beaver County, Washington County, Westmoreland County and Armstrong County. Call us today at 866-466-2899 or 412-765-0335.

24 Hour Emergency Service

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you hunt, exterminate, eliminate and control all of your stinging insect problems.  The most common calls we respond to in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas are for the removal and extermination of bumble bees, bald-faced hornets, yellow jackets, paper wasps, carpenter bees, ground bees, cicada killers, sand wasps and honey bees.  Our trained technicians are more than exterminators.  They are trained to identify and remove your bee problems and help prevent them from returning.