Emergency Services

24/7 Emergency Service Available

Bee Control provides emergency response services to situations involving insects which have become established on your property. EPA approved materials and methods pet friendly are utilized to eradicate nesting colonies and, wherever physically possible, the nest is safely removed from the property. Call us today at (412) 765-0335.

We are available at all times to respond to situations involving stinging insect problems, providing 24 Hour Emergency Service. Our involvement ranges from fully comprehensive prevention applications to emergency response services.

Wasps, hornets, yellowjackets, honey bees, bumble bees, ground bees, carpenter bees, paper wasps, cicada killers, sand wasps, and other related insects will establish their nests and hives in and on homes, commercial buildings, sheds, gazebos, walls, fencing. As many people have discovered, nesting frequently occurs underground (bumble bees and especially ground bees, a type of yellow jacket) and in vegetation such as shrubs, trees and ground cover (hornets & yellowjackets). All of these prove a threat to the safety of people and pets and can even prove fatal to those who are allergic to their venom. The 24/7 emergency service provided by Bee Control exists to help you deal with these issues.

Bee Control has evolved and grown through the ability to contend with the many complicated and dangerous situations created by stinging insects, their nests, hives and swarms. These are problems that Bee Control is organized to deal with 24/7 and get rid of for you.

Immediate response is always available. On our arrival we locate and eliminate the nest, totally removing the nest when physically possible. All work is fully warranted through mid November of the year the work is done. EPA approved materials and methods acceptable to the PA Dept. of Agriculture are used to ensure maximum safety & effectiveness. All of the product that Bee Control uses are safe for pets.

Contact Bee Control now for 24/7 Emergency Service at (412) 765-0335

If you are having a problem with bees, hornets, yellowjackets, or wasps, no matter what time of day Bee Control can help. Call us today at (412) 765-0335. We service the entire Greater Pittsburgh area including the North Hills, South Hills, Sewickley, Richland, Ross Township, Cranberry Township, Wexford, Oakmont, Fox Chapel, Robinson Township, Moon, Mars, Hampton, Shaler, Monroeville, Penn Hills, Plum, Peters Township, Upper St. Clair, Mount Lebanon, Greentree and surrounding counties.

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